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On the horizon

❧❧❧ APRIL ☙☙☙

➻ April 15 | Concert Wójcik - Damasiewicz as part of the exhibition vernissage of Tomasz Sikora in Podkowa Leśna.

5th anniversary of the L.A.S. publishing initiative listening and sounding
➻ 18.04 CK Agora - Wroclaw
➻ 19.04 Alchemia - Krakow
➻ 20.04 Caffeina Jazz Cafe - Sucha Beskidzka
➻ 21.04 Opium Labyrinth - Lublin
➻ 23.04 Pardon To Tu - Warsaw

3 concerts as part of the event:
➻ duet Wójcik - Damasiewicz "Divolezza";
➻ quintet with Spaniards (Liba Villavechia Trio composed of Vasco Trilla and Alex Revieri) Grzegorz Lesiak and Piotr Damasiewicz;
➻ Into The Roots with a special guest;
➻ and the premiere of a vinyl record with the participation of Liba Villvechia Trio and Grzegorz Lesiak.

❧❧❧ MAY ☙☙☙

➻ Performance during the final of the NEW TRADITION competition – concert of the winners of the Grand Prix 2022.


❧❧❧ AUGUST ☙☙☙

➻ Co-organization and co-programming with Jerzy Batycki and his Association Sztuka Teatr Festival Ethno Jazz Beskidy, first decade of August. Duration – a week. The idea of hiking with music through the mountains. Recognized foreign and Polish artists from both the world of world-ethno music and jazz are planned. We will announce the program in the spring.

➻ August 31 | Concert for the final of the Summer Jazz Academy “Into The Roots” by Watra.


❧❧❧ AUTUMN ☙☙☙

➻ 29-09 / 1.10 | HUTA JAZZU workshops.
Conducting workshops as part of the HUTA JAZZU workshop series in Krakow.

✤ At least two vinyl releases are planned for 2023 by L.A.S., Piotr Damasiewicz and African connections, i.e. Piotr Damasiewicz & Kirundo International Band with indigenous African musicians from Zanzibar and Tanzania.
And an album released by the Buen Camino Foundation – a duet with Dominik Wania as a double vinyl recorded at the Polish Radio Concert Studio. ✤

✤ The year 2023 is the 25th anniversary of my artistic activity – a ceremonial concert is planned for this occasion in autumn this year with the participation of invited musicians related to Piotr’s work. ✤

Spring details.