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Concerts in August

Concerts in August


4.08 Wąbjazzno Festival / Wąbrzeżno / Igor Zakus and Grzegorz Piotrowski

7.08 Teraz Festival / Sucha Beskidzka / solo recital

19/20/21.08 cognitive-artistic platform L.A.S listening and sounding / Meeting, concert, workshop

26/27/28.08 Gorzanów Palace / Tribute to Stanko FEAT, Piotr Damasiewicz, Atom String Quartet, PL/CZ

Tatvamasi's latest album

Tatvamasi’s latest album “Etad Vai Tad” featuring Damasiewicz


The newest Tatvamasi album is different from the six previous ones. The material for this 45-minute recording was selected, as the leader Grzesiek Lesiak stresses, from 150 minutes of live music. This time there were no previous assumptions, only pure improvisation of the band members and two invited guests. It was the meeting with this pair of outstanding, creative musicians – the avant-garde vocalist and improviser Marta Grzywacz and the highly original, jazz-oriented trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz – that decided the shape and direction of the music. There was a spark between Tatvamasi, Marta and Piotr in 2019, when the band invited them to join their project Music of the Third Ear. The title of the album, “Etad Vai Tad,” means “This is That” in Sanskrit. When improvising, anything can happen – there are no assumptions. The key to the album’s six compositions is a specific balance between fullness and emptiness, sound and silence.

Piotr Damasiewicz the Trumpet of the Year 2021 according to Jazz Forum readers

Piotr Damasiewicz the Trumpet of the Year 2021 according to Jazz Forum readers

„Watra” w Top 10 albumów muzycznych wg Polish Jazz

„Watra” w Top 10 albumów muzycznych wg Polish Jazz


Piotr Damasiewicz & Into The Roots „Watra” – jeśli chodzi o folkjazz jest to muzyka na miarę takich szczytowych osiągnięć tego gatunku jak „Kuyaviak Goes Funky” Namysłowskiego. Naszym zdaniem tą płytą młody, lecz już uznany trębacz udowodnił, że ma swoją własną, niepowtarzalną drogę nie tylko w sztuce, ale i w życiu.

„Watra” w rankingu 10. najlepszych polskich płyt jazzowych 2021 roku wg Polska Płyta / Polska Muzyka

„Watra” w rankingu 10. najlepszych polskich płyt jazzowych 2021 roku wg Polska Płyta / Polska Muzyka


W tym szaleństwie jest metoda, której nie można nauczyć się, ani wytworzyć jedynie poprzez symbiozę jazzu z innymi elementami, wywodzącymi się z folku i muzyki świata. Ta płyta jest pewnego rodzaju symbolem tego, co w takiej koncepcji artystycznej stanowi walor, nie tyle muzyczny, co kulturowy, w szerszym tego słowa znaczeniu.


L.A.S. L.A.S.

What is L.A.S.?

L.A.S. listening and sounding – a new concert-publishing initiative, the goal of which, in addition to recording and releasing sounds, is to promote art and music by experiencing it together on the listener-musician, artist-viewer line.

The energy built during concerts and live recordings allows for creation of unique publications, with inserts including, as a tangible result of cooperation, the audience’s impressions about the music they listened to. an artistic platform focusing on the co-creation and coexistence of unforced interpersonal relations.

It is the realization of the mutual need to share knowledge and skills, of being in harmony and with nature, of mutual respect for space, building relationships with the world, looking at what is happening around you, focusing on your own needs, listening to yourself and others, of different perception of the world, being in peace with nature and yourself, of following your intuition.

All of this guides Piotr Damasiewicz – such goals and principles, among others, are implemented in the L.A.S.

In a way, L.A.S. constitutes a platform where you can stop and ponder or talk about what is meaningful to everyone. The basis of such meetings is sound and openness to listening.

L.A.S. listening and sounding manifesto

Listening and Sounding/Looking and Seeing/Learning and Surviving/Living and Synchronizing/Liberty and Synergy/Love and Stream